Pay It Forward: Jellyfish Wishes

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Kettering - A long hospital visit can be lonely for anyone, especially children. Right here in the Miami Valley, 5th grader Aubrey Clark is aiming to lift the spirits of kids who are under medical care away from home.

Six years ago, when she was hospitalized for two weeks for surgery, she received many cards and well wishes. The kindness of others inspired her to pay it forward by making “get well soon” cards for other kids recovering from illness.

Aubrey calls her mission “Jellyfish Wishes.”

“When I was in the hospital, my aunt sent me a jellyfish card, and we started naming it that because it was my favorite card…” said Aubrey.

Jellyfish wishes is no small task. Aubrey works primarily with Cincinnati Children's Hospital and a few other local hospitals. She delivers more than one thousand hand-made get well cards each year.

Fortunately, she has some help making them, sometimes from thousands of miles away.

“We’ve gotten cards from Japan.” said Aubrey. “We’ve gotten cards from all around the world.”

Aubrey doesn’t stop at making cards. She collects toys, clothes, and books for Hannah’s Treasure Chest in Centerville.

If you want to help Aubrey send a card to a child in the hospital, or if you want to help Hannah’s Treasure chest, head to their Facebook page: or her website:

Aubrey’s passion for making the world a better place for others is why she’s deserving of Elk & Elk’s pay it forward award.

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