Fox 45 talks with RTA driver who saved woman's life


DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) - Dramatic video captures the moments an RTA bus makes an unexpected stop, right on the Main Street bridge.

In the video, you can hear Damone Hudson, a driver of 24 years, talk to a woman ready to jump.

"Hey miss? Why don't we come back on the other side of the rail?" he's heard saying.

"I was really concerned that she was going to jump," he said. "That I was going to witness someone jumping."

You can also see the woman on the rail, as Hudson tries to coax her back onto the street.

"The first thing I could think to say to her was, 'Ma'am, you look like you're having a bad day. Can I give you a hug?'" Hudson remembers.

When the woman said no, that's when Damone knew he had to act. He jumped off the bus, walking within feet of the woman.

"She had a pink coat on, I remember," he said. "I was gonna, if I could get a hold of that coat, we're good. I'm going to pull her back."

Minutes later, police finally arrive. Hudson gets on the bus and leaves, but the incident hangs on his mind. He wouldn't use the word 'hero' for stopping the suicide attempt.

"But, apparently I did a lot, enough, that she didn't," he said.

He credits his daily interactions for the ability to connect with people. His lesson for all: Be aware of your surroundings, and simply take a moment to help someone in need.

"Yeah, you gotta stop. I'd stop 100 times."

Damone tells Fox 45 he hasn't seen the video of his rescue, and he doesn't know if he wants to. But, if he was to meet that woman again, he says he'd give her a hug.

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