WSU softball takes 2 versus Green Bay


The Wright State softball team opened the Horizon League section of the schedule Friday by sweeping a doubleheader against Green Bay at the WSU Softball Field. The Raiders won 1-0 and 12-3 in five innings.

In game one the Raiders scored in the bottom of the fifth and it held up for the only run the Raiders needed. Jordan Kennaw had two hits while Rebekah Lenos, Lauren Deitrick and Madison Mills added a hit each. Madison Whitaker picked up the RBI on a fielder's choice. Ashley Sharp pitched seven innings with seven strikeouts to pick up her fifth win.

In game two, the Raiders scored early and often as Jordan Kennaw had two doubles, two runs and an RBI and Honnah Susor added two hits and an RBI. Madison Whitaker had three RBI on a triple while Mackenzie Soma also added three RBI. Macy Gunther, Lauren Deitrick and Kaitlyn Skinner each had a hit as well. Ally Russell pitched four innings to pick up the win as Kennaw threw the final frame.


Bottom of Fifth

WHITAKER reached on a fielder's choice, RBI; GUNTHER out at second 2b to ss; LENOS advanced to third; SUSOR scored.


Bottom of First

GUNTHER grounded out to ss, RBI; LENOS advanced to third; SUSOR scored.

WHITAKER grounded out to 2b, RBI; LENOS scored.

Top of Third

HISLOPE grounded out to c; ONSTAD advanced to third, scored on a throwing error by 1b, unearned.

Bottom of Third

WHITAKER tripled, 2 RBI; GUNTHER scored; LENOS scored.

DEITRICK singled, RBI, advanced to second on a fielding error by lf, advanced to third; WHITAKER scored.

MILLS walked, RBI; SKINNER advanced to second; KENNAW advanced to third; DEITRICK scored, unearned.

SOMA reached on a fielding error by 3b, advanced to second, 2 RBI; MILLS advanced to third; SKINNER scored, unearned; KENNAW scored, unearned.

SUSOR singled, RBI; SOMA advanced to third; MILLS scored, unearned.

LENOS grounded out to 2b, RBI; SUSOR advanced to third; SOMA scored, unearned.

Top of Fourth

MAGALDI reached on a fielding error by 3b, RBI; GUZMAN advanced to second; MADEIROS advanced to third; OTTO scored, unearned.

ONSTAD singled, RBI; MAGALDI advanced to second; GUZMAN advanced to third; MADEIROS scored, unearned.

Bottom of Fourth

KENNAW doubled, RBI; DEITRICK scored.

SOMA reached on a fielder's choice, RBI; MILLS advanced to second; SKINNER out at third p to ss to 3b; KENNAW scored.

WSU is now 8-15 and 2-0 while Green Bay falls to 3-17 and 0-2. The teams will end the three-game series Saturday at 3 pm.

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