Pistons like Kennard's football background


The Detroit Pistons did a lot of in depth research on Luke Kennard before they considered drafting him.

While he was widely considered the best shooter in the draft class it was something else that helped catch the Pistons' eyes.

Kennard was a football star at Franklin playing quarterback for the Wildcats.

That fact also impressed Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy's brother Jeff, who's a former NBA head coach and current ESPN analyst.

"My brother watched tape on all these guys, you know the prospects,"Stan Van Gundy said.

"That's one of the first things he said to me, 'I loved that he played football.' My brother goes back to Charlie Ward, he had him with the Knicks and Charlie had been the Heisman Trophy winner at Florida State. I mean my brother thought it was a big deal, a significant deal. Certainly not a negative, a positive I think that somebody can excel in two sports."

Kennard even said that he is able to take skills from football and apply them to basketball.

"Toughness was one of them getting hit every now and then, getting back up allowed me to do that," Kennard said.

The leadership of the quarterback position and the natural athleticism are two things that could greatly benefit the Pistons as Kennard works his way into the fold.

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