Butler gets new training facility


VANDALIA - It's the start of something new at Butler High School.

"I like it. It's a great atmosphere,” Butler senior center Keagan Sommers said. “I love it."

The David and Cheryl Kudla Center for Strength and Fitness is up and running just in time for summer workouts.

"I was thinking like, just wow,” Butler senior running back Jabari Wortham said. “I'm thinking we're going to get a lot of work in here."

The new training facility is named after David Kudla, a 1981 Aviator alum who matched up to $25,000 in funding, and is a big upgrade from days past. Players and coaches are excited about the experience.

"Between our athletic boosters and our community, just through donations and pledges we raised all 100,000 dollars to build the facility,” Butler AD Jordan Shumaker said. “About 8 years ago UD donated all of their old equipment so we had about 20 year-old equipment. It didn't have our logo on it. It was UD red and we love UD but there's something about coming in and having your logo and your name plastered around everything it gives the kids a lot of pride."

The room has racks for weight training on one side, and 1500 square feet of turf for conditioning on the other side.

"Something different I've never seen before,” Wortham said. “It's cool to have turf inside so when it's raining outside we come in and have practice here. That'll be sweet."

The Kudla Center provides Butler athletes a chance to be developed in a new way, unlike many other training facilities in the area.

"We're able to get a harder workout in,” Butler head football coach Nathan Hyatt said. “We're able to cover more stuff but also in a shorter period of time to allow the kids to go home and spend time with their family, study, etcetera."

That's resulted in big time attendance.

"We've had more kids in the weight room this summer than we've ever had before," Shumaker said.

The football team hopes all the hard work will translate to success on the field this fall.

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