Second year Dragons finding there's no "I" in team

Second year Dragons finding there's no "I" in team

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) -- Let’s face it, the goal of a Dayton Dragons player is not to spend their entire career in the Gem City. It's to discover what makes them better than the next guy, but as we are realizing, the 2017 squad isn't built that way.

“You know you're going to fail seven out of ten times, so you’re going to miss out on more than half of your career if you are only happy if you succeed yourself,” infielder Brantley Bell said.

"If one of us doesn't pick someone up, we know that the guy behind us has our backs," catcher Tyler Stephenson said.

They are calling it a seismic shift in atmosphere. The ball may look the same, and even bounce the same, but Bell and Stephenson said the team is seeing it differently. Both players are entering their second season in Dayton, and both players are crediting their teammates for their sophomore success.

“You know I'm not going to hit .500 for the rest of the season, but you know everyone is going to have their shot to carry the team,” Bell said.

“We have a new manager, and just kind of the life he brings and coming to the ball park,” said Stephenson calling new manager Luis Bolivar the architect of this new mentality.

Since Bolivar took over, Bell is batting .312, and Stephenson is hitting .287.

"Baseball is extremely selfish because you're always looking at your numbers, and if you do well you're going to move up," Bell explained before adding, “The ultimate goal for all of us, you know, is to play together in the big leagues. Every single one of the guys, that's all of our goal is to play there for a long time,”

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