Web Extra: 'Sleep hygiene' tips for kids to achieve quality sleep


    (WKEF/WRGT) -- Getting a night of quality sleep can be hard to achieve.

    “Lack of sleep can make it harder for children and adolescents to pay attention to their teacher and remember what they are learning, which often leads to poor school performance,” says Zachary Woessner, PhD, sleep psychologist at Dayton Children’s Hospital. "It can also delay their response time and impairs their ability to focus, which can effect safety and negatively impact their skill in athletics. For teens who are driving, that delayed response and poor focus can be associated with an increase in motor vehicle accidents.

    “Sleep hygiene” is how we refer to the habits that help kids achieve quality sleep. Here are six sleep hygiene tips:

    • Be consistent – don’t allow wide swings in bedtimes or wake-up times on weekends or holidays
    • Keep the bedroom dark, cool and quiet – turn away brightly lit clocks
    • Turn off electronics one hour before bedtime – put phones and other devices outside the bedroom to charge for the night so children aren’t tempted to use them
    • Wind down – spend 20-30 minutes in soothing rituals like reading or taking a bath before bed
    • Avoid caffeine
    • Get some exercise earlier in the day

    If you're concerned your child might have a sleep disorder click here to see the warning signs and symptoms.

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