Web Exclusive: Eight ways to save on prescription medications

Eight ways to save on prescription medications (Photo: SBG)

The United States often pays much more for prescriptions than the rest of the world, putting a big financial burden on patients. So how do you save money at the pharmacy? Here are eight ways FOX 45's Nathan Edwards found:

Go to a big box pharmacy

Chain pharmacy’s order in bulk, sometimes driving prices down. It depends on what the drug is, but oftentimes you can call around to stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS to compare prices.

Ask about Manufacturer’s Coupons

Sometimes your pharmacist can go directly to the drug company for help. Some offer special discounts on certain medications that they can apply directly at the cash register.

Get a Larger Supply

Instead of your standard 30-day supply, it might be wise to ask for a 90-day supply instead. Sometimes, pharmacies will be able to drop the cost if you visit every three months instead of every month.

Go Generic

Many popular medications have generic versions. This will help you save big time. However, some newer medications may take 10-20 years before a generic version is available.

Ask for the cash price

In some cases, it’s cheaper to go cash than rely on insurance. This mostly applies to generic medications.

Use Price Checking Websites

Sites like and allow you to compare and negotiate costs in store and online.

Mail Order Companies

Some insurance companies participate in mail order programs. Many like CRX Brands order medications from overseas where they are much cheaper. In some cases, the insurance will cover the medication completely without a co-pay.

Patience Assistance Programs

If you have low income, some counties and states participate in special assistance programs. They are often sponsored by drug companies and doctors helping people get free or low-cost brand name medications.

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