How your phone could help keep you safe from card skimmers

Many skimmers use Bluetooth Technology, the same kind of technology that's available on your phone. (Photo: Montgomery County Auditor)

(WKEF/WRGT) - It's become a thought everyone has each time you stop at the pump: Is there a skimmer inside that could steal your card information?

Since the beginning of 2017, more than 30 skimming devices have been found on pumps in Ohio. While the number of people affected by the devices hasn't been released, it's enough to leave people wondering how to protect themselves.

The Shelby Police Department in North Carolina took to Facebook to try and help people keep their information safe. On top of usual tips, including making sure a seal is in tact and checking to see if there is an external skimmer attached, they also said using your cell phone may help.

Many skimmers, including ones found in Montgomery County, use Bluetooth technology, which you can see on your cell phone. You can set your phone to detect Bluetooth devices, and, according to the post, if you see a long string of letters and/or numbers, there may be an active skimmer nearby.

If you do notice a warning sign that a skimmer may be in a gas pump, you should tell the store and call to report it to police. You should also monitor your bank account or credit card statements to look for any unauthorized charges.

For more information on how to try to spot a skimmer, check out this story.

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