'Sorry I tried to bite you': woman apologizes to police officer with cookie cake

Louisiana woman apologizes to a police officer she tried to bite with a cookie cake. (Photo: Celina Dally/Facebook)

A woman from Lake Charles, Louisiana misunderstood the meaning of "take a bite out of crime" when she was arrested for public intoxication and attempting to bite a police officer.

Celina Dally wrote about the October 7 incident in a Facebook post. She decided to make amends with the officer by getting him a cookie cake with the words, "Sorry I tried to bite you!"

"I felt horrible, that's all I could think about day in and day out, so I knew I had to do something about this," Dally told KPLC news. "Everybody loves a cookie cake so I said, 'I'll get him a cookie cake.'"

According to local media reports, Dally got "belligerent" at a wine-tasting event and when a Lake Charles police officer arrived on the scene she tried to bite him.

The Facebook post was shared thousands of times but has since been removed.

In a follow-up post, Dally admitted she is not proud of the incident. She is being charged with public intoxication and battery of an officer.

Dally said she wanted to use her fifteen minutes of fame to call attention to cyberbullying. After her cookie cake apology went viral, she began receiving harassing messages.

"Before I become irrelevant, I would like to just say ... that cyberbully is not ok," Dally said.

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