High school teacher threatens bloody rampage: 'I'm a woman. I will be remembered.'

CCSD teacher threatens bloody rampage: 'I'm a woman. I will be remembered.' (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

A Clark County School District high school teacher was arrested after threatening a killing spree.

The threats were made over text message and News 3 is getting an exclusive look at her chilling words.

It was a conversation with a friend. He was so bothered by the texts, he reported her to police.

Leslie McGourty is now facing a serious charge of making "terror threats."

Police say McGourty allegedly threatened to go on a bloody rampage.

The threats were made in a series of chilling text messages she sent to a friend. They were given to News 3 by a source.

"I'm going to poke a lot of holes in a lot of people on Saturday."

"I have the means, motive and brains."

"Vegas will lose its luster after me."

"She scared me. She always talked about her husband and divorce. Too much personal stuff. It was like scary", said student Natalie Aldana.

"I know she always comes in talking about her boyfriends and who she dates, but I didn't think she'd be making threats to people", said student Lyric Lyons.

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Investigators say McGourty even refers to other mass murderers. She even references One October--the Las Vegas shooting which left 58 people dead.

The texts show McGourty's friend asking her: "What was the name of the guy who shot up the Strip?"

And she responds: "Doesn't matter. I am a woman. I will be remembered."

Though McGourty may have never intended to carry out an attack, it was enough for police to arrest her.

The teacher is now facing a charge of making "terror threats" for her text messages.

One of the messages read:

"Maybe I will start a movement. Another #metoo movement. But this time, which women feel empowered enough to become serial killers."

McGourty has been at Bonanza High School since August 2015.

CSSD tells News 3 she is now "assigned to home", which essentially means she's on paid leave.

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