2-year-old dies after hit by truck on Thanksgiving

2-year-old Zachariah Rodriguez (Photo: Courtesy of family of Zachariah Rodriguez)

SAN ANTONIO -- A toddler died after he was struck by a vehicle at his home on Thanksgiving.

Paul Soto the toddler's grandfather says he will miss the little boy who always stood at his front door waiting for him to come home.

“I wasn't his best friend; he was my best friend,” said Soto.

On a day meant for giving thanks, tragedy struck in his front yard.

“His dad was going to go to the store, somehow he ran outside,” Soto said.

Two-year-old Zachariah Rodriquez his grandson was hit by a truck his dad was driving.

“I just remember my wife and my daughter coming in yelling for me to help them and they were bringing in Zacky my grandson, they were holding his body. I took him in my arms and tried to give him CPR,” Soto said.

Soto did everything to save him but little Zachariah didn't make it.

“He just died in my arms. I was holding him and I think he took his last breath here,” Soto said.

It's hard for him to describe the pain his family is going through. Zachariah was like his “little sidekick" always trying to be just like grandpa.

“I would catch him sometimes sitting in the chair at my desk. Right there where my bible is (acting) like if he is reading the bible. He liked to put on my boots, put on my pants,” Soto said.

As devastating as this loss is, Soto understands he'll never know why.

“I know there is a lot of people saying, probably blaming the parents or this and that but it's not their fault it's not our fault, it's just things that happen,” Soto said.

Emergency crews were called to a home on Hermosa Valley in Southwest Bexar County around 11:25 a.m. Thursday after the accident.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed 2-year-old Zachariah Rodriguez died but said the exact cause of death had not been determined.

We're told Zachariah was hit by a truck being driven by his father. His family said doctors did everything they could to save him.

Family members say the little boy loved putting on his grandpa's clothes.

Zachariah's grandpa shared memories and family photos of the toddler.

If you would like to help with funeral expenses click here.

Location of Accident:

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