In the Garden : general garden tasks


1. Don't panic! When it starts getting warmer and plants start looking a little tired, some people think they have to start dumping a bunch of fertilizer and hacking all their plants back. Don't do it! Just think about what you want when you're hot and tired - a cold drink. So increase your watering, but that's it. If plants look a little nutrient deficient, give them a little side dressing of compost.

2. Keep your lawn mower blades sharp and set at 3” or higher. Cutting your grass too short during hot summer months can cause your lawn to burn. And when it goes into summer dormancy, don't apply any herbicides, which can also burn your lawn.

3. Keep your hummingbird feeders clean and full. They'll stick around all summer if they know they have a reliable food source. Red trumpet-shaped flowers like lobelia, bee balm, and annual salvia also attract hummingbirds.

4. Keep your birdbaths clean and full. Birds are great multi-taskers, so you can be sure that bathing is not the only thing they’re doing in your birdbath! And just as you don’t enjoy bathing in your toilet, your birds would appreciate a clean bath when they visit your garden oasis.

5. Protect your honeybees! If you must spray your garden with a pesticide or fungicide, do so early in the morning or late in the evening when bee activity is minimal.

6. Fine tune your anger management skills by pulling weeds to your heart’s desire before they go to seed.

You can find out more by visiting the Spring Hill Nursery website.

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