WSU faculty union votes to reject fact finder's report

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    FAIRBORN, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The union for Wright State University's faculty has voted overwhelmingly to reject a fact finder's report.

    The report was recently accepted by the Wright State Board of Trustees, the report has been reviewed by both sides as they discuss open contract items.

    In a statement from the American Association of University Professors-WSU released Thursday morning, it said the fact finder's report would "erode the quality of education faculty provide to our students, hurt the community Wright State serves, and threatens the livelihood of our faculty." The union now says it's ready to negotiate and said it is the responsibility of the university's president and the board of trustees to sit down with them.

    The union said it has committed not to struck unless a contract that would "damage education" is imposed upon faculty. The vote ended at 5 p.m. Wednesday and ended with 467 rejecting the report and 12 voting to accept it.

    Wright State teachers union protest at university board of trustee meeting

    FAIRBORN, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) -A strike deadline has come and gone for Wright State University"s faculty. The union has been without a contract for more than a year and had a strike date of October first. Now there"s a new strike deadline as union members protest at a board meeting.

    Wright State University President Cheryl B. Schrader said both sides would have liked to have negotiated a longer settlement, "The trustees felt that approving this report was in the best interest of our students and the university and it will help Wright State move forward." The fact finder's report was issued on October 29 and gave both sides 14 days to either accept or reject it. Faculty said they'd been without a contract since June of 2017.

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