Wright State announces tuition guarantee program to start this Fall


FAIRBORN, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Wright State University has announced it will begin its guarantee tuition program in the fall of 2018 for incoming, in-state freshman. Under the program, tuition will be locked in at a set rate for all four years of college.

“This is something Wright State is very excited about,” said director of financial aid Amy Barnhart. “This is something that will help our future Raiders understand that their investment in themselves at Wright State will get them into the future in an affordable way.”

Under the program, tuition at Wright State each semester will be $4,627. Wright State is the fourth most affordable institution out of four-year public schools in Ohio.

“At Wright State we pride ourselves in keeping our tuition affordable and this is just one more way that we’re able to make sure tuition stays affordable long-term for our students,” said Barnhart.

The goal of the program is to not just help students with their finances, but also serve as a motivation.

“I think it also provides an incentive because as an incoming student you know, this is my period of time to complete my degree,’” said director of treasury services Steve Sherbet. “So there’s some built-in motivation there to make sure you get through your degree program within that 4-year program.”

Wright State University is not the only school in the state to implement this morning. Shawnee State University, The University of Toledo, Cleveland State University, and Youngstown State University will also begin this program in fall 2018.

Several other colleges, such as The Ohio State University, have had this program in place for the past several years.

“It’s really important when families sit down and talk about budgeting for the next four years they have a certainty what those actual fees will be,” said Sherbet.

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