World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday


    SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Miami Valley man is honored for celebrating a very special birthday and making such an important mark on his family and the community he lives in.

    A person can have so much impact on others. John Varney's life serves as proof.

    "He did things not just because he had to, It's because he wanted to," said Katrina Davis, one of Varney's granddaughters. "He really did. He cares about everyone. He's done so much for the community and he still is."

    On August 31st, a milestone is celebrated at Springfield Nursing & Independent Living. It is Varney's 100th birthday.

    "It's amazing," Davis said. "If anyone could do it it's grandpa. He's a go-getter. He'll outlive us all."

    A salute to a man who served his country with honor in World War II, earning a bronze star and a purple heart.

    "I couldn't imagine what he went through," Davis said. "And I'm proud to be his granddaughter."

    He married his late wife Virginia during the war. Their daughter and two granddaughters say his smile and love of life, stays close to their heart.

    "I couldn't have asked for a better father," said his daughter, Joyce Davis. "When I was a little kid he reminded me of John Wayne."

    "Active, always active," said Davis. "Playing golf, he played tennis with us. I mean he always got involved with everything we did. Just a real great guy."

    Varney's family says his memory is fading as Alzheimer's Disease is taking hold. But it's impossible to miss what this day means to him.

    A veteran attending the party shook Varney's hand and told him, "I was in grade school when the second world war happened. My goal in life was to be as good as you people were because you were terrific. Thank you so much for what you did."

    A lasting legacy for a man beloved by so many.

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