Woman in Anchorage with local ties speaks out on her horrific earthquake experience

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    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF-WRGT)- Aftershocks from a magnitude 7 earthquake is still being felt in Alaska. ABC22/FOX45’s, Bryn Caswell, spoke with a woman who lives in Anchorage that has family here in Ohio who experienced the whole quake.

    “It was more surreal like is this really happening,” said Amy Leguineche. “It took me a while to register that it had actually happened.”

    A severe 7.0 magnitude earthquake rippling through anchorage Alaska causing causing damage that Leguineche has never seen before.

    “There’s fires going on and people can’t get to where they need to go and elementary schools are evacuating kids,” said Leguineche.

    It was a normal Friday for Leguineche dropping her 6-year-old son at school. Then, heading on the way to pick up her niece when the quake struck.

    “My car started like shaking and I thought my tire finally popped or something,” Leguineche added. “The car was kind of like moving then it slanted and was moving. shaking a lot.”

    Confusion flooding her head, she glanced up at the traffic lights.

    “The traffic light posts shaking,” Leguineche said. “The horizontal ones just shaking just going crazy and I started thinking oh it must be an earthquake. Then, I started panicking.”

    Her first instinct was locating her family, but she couldn't get anywhere and cell-phone service was next to none.

    “I was stuck on this road, northern lights, it was just dead stop. And I’m crying you know because I can’t get to my son,” she said.

    People have been sharing images of buildings crumbling, window's shattering and roadways sinking into the earth. Leguineche's hunsband can't even get home because a main bridge is cracked. She said the noise the shaking caused was terrifying.

    When speaking on the phone Leguineche said an aftershock quake hadn't hit in 45 minutes, then our call dropped. We have been trying to reach her and hope she is okay. Service is still down and power is working to be restored in Anchorage. Her and her family are staying at her mother’s house for the time being, but have little damage to their home.

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