Wish Coming True for 3-Year-Old With Disease

SPRINGFIELD -- A joyful kid who's always happy.

That describes a three year old boy who has to spend his whole life on medication.

He has a serious illness.

But today, November 27, 2015 it was all about fun as the child found out his wish is being granted.

"Go ninja, go ninja go. Go ninja, go ninja go," sang two Ninja Turtles

Three year old Max Bisher was jumping for joy.

He was hanging out with the Ninja Turtles and they had a big surprise for him.

"Max you're going to go to Disney World,' said the Ninja Turtles.

Max has Hirschsprung's Disease.

"A couple of days after he was born, he went back to the hospital and after several tests he was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's Disease. It's a disease of his colon," said his mother Katie Bisher.

The vibrant child has undergone numerous surgeries

"His last surgery was a year ago and since then he's done really, really well," said Katie Bisher.

His mom contacted Kids Wish Network and Max qualified to get a wish granted.

"This is a reward for just the years of hardship that he's gone through," said his mother.

Why did you want to go to Disney World? Max was asked.

"Cause I get to see Mickey," said Max.

The charitable organization set up the private party for today's reveal.

"When he gets older, part of his story is, man I went through all of this but then this really good thing happened," said his dad Thor Bisher.

Max and his family, mom, dad, sister and brother will be going to Disney World in February and they'll be going for five days.

"We're just so blown away. We're still blown away that this is actually happening to us, feel undeserving but we know Max deserves this," said Katie Bisher.

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