Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in Miami and Greene counties

(Photo: MGN Online)

TROY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - West Nile has now been found in more mosquitoes across the Miami Valley. The virus was detected in mosquitoes in Miami and Greene counties. The Miami County fair opens Friday, and fair officials said they are taking as much proactive measures as possible.

“In the last week or two had a few positive mosquitoes for West Nile virus in Miami County,” Miami County Public Health Official Nate Bender said. “We've had 3 actually two in southern Troy area and Tipp City area.”

Bender said mosquitoes love dusk and stagnate water, which one of these two factors the Miami County fair board is trying to control for opening day.

“They’re doing fogging this evening and they’ll do it for the next several days,” Miami County Fair Secretary Jill Wright said. “We are also trying to fill in where there might be water laying with some gravel, with some saw dust shavings so that way there’s not standing water.”

Being prepared with bug repellent is one of the best options when protecting from getting bite.

“Put some bug repellent on when you come out to the fair," Miami County Fair Board President Mike Jess said. “There’s always going to be bugs at the county fair.”

Wright added that they don't want people to be fearful of contracting West Nile when attending the fair.

“You can find it in our own back yard, we are taking persuasions so we just want people to come enjoy themselves," he said.

Miami County officials told FOX 45 News that Troy is spraying for mosquitoes Monday, and Tipp City has already sprayed. It is recommended to stay inside during initial spraying, but afterwards, it is safe to go outside. West Nile symptoms can appear similar to flu symptoms. If you feel worried about a mosquito bite, go visit your doctor.

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