Weekend travelers should be wary due to winter weather, government shutdown


    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A big travel weekend during the government shutdown could make for a travel nightmare.

    Those looking to fly out of town this MLK weekend will also have to brace for winter weather.

    Some airports are already reporting longer TSA lines following the government shutdown.

    Thursday marked day 27 of the partial government shutdown More TSA employees are taking unscheduled absences, while others are taking to the streets to protest.

    “All my friends said get there early or you’re going to be in trouble waiting in lines,” Beth Lebel, who flew into Dayton International from Boston, said.

    You're going to want to arrive several hours early to navigate through checkpoints, especially if your're flying back from a major airport.

    “Usually you get there an hour before a local flight, but I got there two hours early just to be sure,” Allison Johnson, who flew into Dayton from Washington Dulles International, said.

    Some of the airports that have already experienced delays and or closed security checkpoints include Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

    “I also got on the airport website before I showed up,” said Johnson.

    You’ll also want to check your airports social media accounts for recent updates, and not just because of closed checkpoints or long security lines.

    “Boston was beautiful today, sunny and bright, just beautiful and then I landed here and I said, 'Am I still up in the clouds?'” Lebel said in reference to the winter weather in Dayton.

    The weekend's winter storm might make for the perfect storm for delays and cancellation and make some eager to avoid flying out this MLK weekend all together.

    Because of the winter storm, United Airlines is offering travel waivers to people flying to, from and through several airports, including Dayton International and John Glenn Columbus International Airport. You can check the list of airports here.

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