Hidden in plain sight: Warning signs your kids may be up to no good

Cigar wraps (WKEF/WRGT)

SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - As a parent, it’s hard not to worry about the growing dangers impacting our kids. You have drugs, alcohol, crime and more.

So how do you know if your kid is up to no good?

It turns out some signs are hidden in plain sight. A group of advocates from Loveland Schools has some things to look out for in your teen’s bedroom.

1. Dryer Sheets and Paper Towel Rolls: They can be used to mask the smell of marijuana on clothes. They can also be used to blow smoke through.

2. Custom Can: Numerous kinds of containers have false bottoms or middles that can be used to store drugs. These can be easily purchased online.

3. Stuffed Animals: Can stash marijuana in any pockets you can open.

4. Glass Pipes: They come in a range of designs and colors. Some can be mistaken for knick-knacks.

5. Misleading Alcoholic Drinks: Some alcoholic beverages are in the same cans used for energy drinks and teas. They are often sold in the same coolers at convenience stores.

6. Pro-Marijuana items: Clothes, decorations, and magazines related to pot can be a red flag.

7. Cigar wraps: They can be used to roll blunts or joints.

8. Bracelet pipes: Some jewelry and everyday items can double as smoking devices.

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