Wanted: Person who destroyed memorial wreaths on the FOP building

    Someone tore down memorial wreaths hung outside the Fraternal Order of Police, according to Cincinnati Police. The person was caught by a surveillance camera, and police have identified them as Quincy Chapman. (CPD)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - When Colerain Township Officer Dale Woods died after a driver hit him, the Cincinnati Police Department decorated the outside of its union hall in Woods’ honor. That included a wreath on each door in blue and black along with thin blue line flags.

    Sgt. Dan Hils is president of Cincinnati Police Department’s Fraternal Order of Police. He said, “Obviously, we would’ve continued to fly the wreath, the banner, the morning banner because of the passing of Bill Brewer, Clermont County detective.“

    But surveillance video shows someone walking past the union hall and then taking the time to stop and destroy the wreaths. It happened Saturday afternoon. Police believe the person in the video is Quincy Chapman. Investigators charged him with felony vandalism.

    “We are one of the main centers of support for police officers. We are the biggest police union in the area, and if we’re not going to show that we are in mourning, we are in support, I don’t know who is,” Hils said.

    Now what’s left of the wreaths is inside of the union hall. The mourning symbols are for every member of law enforcement who has passed, whether it’s Officer Woods, Officer Jerrid Lee or Deputy Brewer.

    While it may just look like a wreath to some, this is a memorial to people who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    "It just symbolizes that we are all one family and that we all mourn together,” Hils said. “We fly those colors -- the blue and the black -- in memory of those officers who serve and have served for this community for so many years, and now we are lost and we feel ultimately disgusted and disrespected that someone will come and not allow us to continue to share our symbol."

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