Vietnam vet visiting D.C. with nonprofit to bury his father at Arlington National Cemetery


    LOGAN COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A group of veterans from the Miami Valley started a trip of a lifetime early Friday morning.

    The mission began before sunrise, when volunteers, including an entire high school football team, backed the Logan County Fairgrounds.

    50 veterans were getting ready for a trip to visit military memorials in D.C. that were built to honor their service.

    "We want to show them that we - that they have not been forgotten about," President of Logan County Vets to D.C. Scott Stewart said.

    "It helps to ease the pain for some of them, because of things they've seen or done," he said.

    The trip on Friday was especially special for Vietnam vet Gary Russell, who just recently found out that his father earned two bronze medals at the age of 17.

    "As long as I knew the man walking around, I never heard about it," he said. "He told me he was a cook in the Army."

    Gary's brother David had no idea either. As soon as he took the story to Stewart, it was settled: they'd be going to Arlington to bury the man's remains. The moment will provide closure for a veteran, and for a son.

    "I'm all kinds of emotions," Russell said, "and I don't know which one is going to pop out."

    When David found out this his father had been keeping the secret all those years, he had mixed emotions as well.

    “It’s really upsetting to let history go that way but that was his choice, not mine," he said.

    Stewart paid for Russell's plane ticket to make the trip to Logan County so he could join the other veterans to get to D.C.

    The burial is set for this weekend.

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