Undercover agents testify against The Harem; prosecutors call for shutdown

Undercover agents testify against The Harem; prosecutors call for shut down (WKEF/WRGT File Photo)

HARRISON TWP, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Undercover agents testified against The Harem strip club in Harrison Township Tuesday, trying to help prosecutors prove the owners knew about illegal activities and did nothing.

Prosecutors are asking a judge for a nuisance abatement, hoping to close the club for good.

Linda Florence lives across the street from The Harem and says crime and traffic from the club creep into her neighborhood.

“It's not doing anybody any good, not even for the people who go there,” Florence said.

Montgomery County Prosecutors had two undercover agents testify Tuesday.

They said strippers negotiated sexual favors with customers and asked for big bucks, but settled for less. In some cases, they said they accepted food stamps.

“Was she supposed to be touching,” asked the prosecutor. “No,” the agent replied.

They say drug deals are also a major problem, and described a situation where a stripper helped facilitate a transaction trading $100 for a bag of marijuana.

If the judge grants a nuisance abatement, The Harem could be closed for a year or longer.

“I think the judge sees justice and understands why we want it shut down,” Florence said.

FOX 45's Nathan Edwards asked the club owner's lawyer for comment, he declined.

Both sides will be back in court October 12.

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