Undercover agents detail dark dealing in second day of hearings for The Harem

Undercover agents detail dark dealing in second day of hearings for The Harem (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Undercover agents were back in court Thursday, revealing shocking new details about a local strip club busted for drugs, prostitution and food stamp trafficking.

Montgomery County Prosecutors are trying to prove The Harem's owners knew about the alleged crimes and did nothing.

The club's local reputation is far from sterling.

Amber Trochelman lives across the street from it.

“I would have never moved into this area if I knew this was going to happen,” Trochelman said.

She said crime and traffic from The Harem spills into her neighborhood and has to explain the situation to her kids.

“I don't want them to live in that kind of environment, or see that kind of environment,” Trochelman said.

The recent bust didn't surprise residents, but the emerging details did.

In court, undercover agents say strippers facilitated drug deals.

“She pulled the drugs out of her panties, handed them to me and I secured them,” the agent said.

Agents say the girls would frequently sell cocaine and heroin to customers, sometimes it was laced.

“She said they cut it with fentanyl and tell my people to be careful,” the agent testified.

Agents say the girls would also offer sex in the VIP room and traffic food stamps.

“I approached her and told her I had food stamps if she wanted to purchase them, she said that she was,” the agent said.

He said strippers would buy food stamp debit cards for $.50 on the dollar, sometimes offering drugs instead of money.

“There's plenty of people around here that could use that money, plenty of elderly people,” Trochelman said. “Don't use it on drugs.”

She said it's hard to believe The Harem's owners didn't know crime was going on and hopes it shuts down for good.

“I hope they shut every one of them down, we don't need it,” Trochelman said.

If prosecutors convince a judge the owners knew, they could face a nuisance abatement, which would close the Harem for a year or longer.

Both sides will be back in court October 30.

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