Two teens charged after Target store break-in, police chase

Two teens charged after Target store break-in, police chase (Courtesy: Huber Heights Police)

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A break-in at a Target store led to a police chase, both of which were caught on camera.

The break-in happened around 2:30 Wednesday morning. Police said while they took two 18 year olds to jail. One has since been released while another is still behind bars.

Surveillance video showed the suspects throwing a big rock through two glass doors at the Target store. Police said thieves took X-boxes and tried to break into locked phone cases. The whole time an alarm was going off.

Before police got to the store, they spotted the suspect's car on Old Troy Pike. Officers got behind the vehicle and attempted to make a traffic stop on it, but the occupants refused to stop.

"The speeds were minimal and the pursuit was probably a few hundred yards," Huber Heights Police Department Sergeant Charles Taylor said.

The rear of the suspect's car was tapped, causing it to spin. A few minutes later, the driver stopped.

The Montgomery County Prosecutor said 18-year-old Cyran Campbell has been charged with breaking and entering, theft and failure to comply. Ankeese Brown, 18, has also been charged with breaking and entering and theft.

"It is not typical for us to get burglaries in a big store like Target," said Taylor.

There had been a recent rash of phone store break-ins around the county.

"We haven't connected the dots quite yet to say definitively that these are connected to any other crime," said Taylor.

Some shoppers at Target didn't realize there had been a break in until they saw the boarded up door.

"The break-ins are starting to happen more and more around here," said Ondie Held.

"The way they act and the things they do aren't going to control my life, the things I do every day so I will still keep coming to the stores," said Luann Sizemore.

Police said a third suspect was in a different car and got away with the stolen merchandise. If caught, he could be facing a breaking and entering charge, which is a felony.

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