Tippecanoe High School class goes viral with unique final exam

Tippecanoe High School class goes viral with unique final exam (WKEF/WRGT)

TIPP CITY, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) -- A high school chemistry class is preparing for a different kind of final exam, and students at Tippecanoe High School are making national headline because of it. A simple classroom request has turned into a viral challenge.

When it comes to chemistry, high school teacher Mike McCray is by the numbers, and his AP class knows the formula. It’s fun and fascination. It's also the answer to his final exam, which is now based on the popular, cartoon-like game Fortnite.

“It's a game where 100 people fight each other until one person is left,” Gabe Parson’s described.

He was in a lab working with his friends when the idea started being passed around.

“What if we made the end of course about Fortnite?” Gabe said.

“We were just kidding around…mostly,” Jillian Zuzolo laughed.

“How many retweets to have our exam be about Fortnite?” Gabe continued.

Somebody asked Mr. McCray to pick a number.

“We were just like, maybe he'll do it?” Zuzolo said.

“I barely know what a retweet is, and I barely know what Fortnite is so what the heck,” McCray told FOX45.

“We agreed on 6,700,” fellow classmate Jackson Yeager said, “Wrote a contract on the board, and got a picture of us shaking hands.”

By the end of the school day their post of the agreement only had 100 retweets, but hours later, Yeager said it blew out of proportion. The game’s top players began retweeting it to their followers.

“A few hours after school we had hit 2000,” Parsons said.

On Thursday, the post had surpassed 31,000 retweets. The game’s developers at Epic Games caught wind, and began emailing Mr. McCray chemistry questions based off the game.

“They offered some suggestions. They kind of offered some things about the game,” McCray said.

Gaming websites called for interviews, and then online writers for Rolling Stone.

“I always wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone as a musician. I play guitar,” McCray said, “I guess it is my fifteen minutes of fame.”

The class will take their final exam at the end of May. McCray said he has some chemistry questions in mind.

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