Tipp City woman helping families of Vegas massacre victims heal through memories

Tipp City woman helping families of Vegas massacre victims heal through memories (WKEF/WRGT)

TIPP CITY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - It's been four months since the horrific Las Vegas massacre, killing 58 at a country music festival. The tragedy is touching folks all over the country, including a Tipp City woman.

“Every box is different but there are some similarities,” Susanne Vulgamore said.

Each of the 58 cardboard boxes, lining Vulgamore's house, represent a different victim of the deadly shooting.

“The more I've learned, the more attached I've become to these people,” Vulgamore said.

For months, she's been doing research on each person, learning about their hobbies, jobs and families.

“It's amazing the amount of sports she was in and quite good at all of them,” Vulgamore said about one of the victims.

In each box, Vulgamore includes customized scrapbooking kits with a note to their loved ones.

“It is my hope that compiling a book about your loved one and all the memories you share, your heart will begin to heal,” Vulgamore said.

Every single box has a number 1-58. That number corresponds with a number inside a notebook detailing each victim’s interests. For example, number 46 is Lisa Patterson from Lomita, California.

“This is mama paper because she was a mother,” Vulgamore said.

“In addition to scrap booking materials, Vulgamore is also adding little mementos. For instance, she found out Calla Medig was named after a flower.

“I found this crystal vase with calla lilies etched in it and I'm sending it to them,” Vulgamore said.

She's spent thousands of dollars and countless hours putting the boxes together. Now she's ready to ship them out.

“They're going to Tennessee, Massachusetts, Canada, California,” Vulgamore said.

She has a few businesses willing to cover some shipping costs, but still needs extra help. She’s hoping to collect enough money to mail them out Friday.

She's unsure how her gesture will be received by families, but she hopes They'll see an opportunity to heal.

“You think about good times when they were happy and you were happy with them,” Vulgamore said.

To donate money for the boxes shipping costs, you can e-mail Susanne Vulgamore at svulgam@yahoo.com.

Also, Susanne is still looking for shipping addresses for the following victims:

  • Denise Cohen, Capinteria, CA
  • Melissa Ramirez, California
  • Adrian Murfitt, Anchorage, Alaska
  • Brett Schwanbeck, Bullhead, AZ

If you have any information, please e-mail her.

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