Teen indicted for murder in shooting death of Ronnie Bowers

Photo: Ronnie Bowers, courtesy of family.

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A 17-year-old from Kettering has been indicted on multiple counts including murder in the shooting death of Ronnie Bowers.

Kylen Gregory has been indicted on two counts of murder, five counts of felonious assault and one count of discharge of a firearm on or near a prohibited premises. Sixteen-year-old Bowers was shot and killed near Alter Fest in September of 2016. The shooting happened after two groups of teens saw each other at Alter Fest and exchanged words. As Bowers was trying to leave along with some of his friends and another teen, authorities say Gregory pulled up to the vehicle along with a group of people.

Authorities say the group was trying to get one of the teens out of the vehicle to fight. As Bowers drove away, authorities say Gregory pulled out a gun and fired a shot. The bullet went through the back window and hit Bowers in the back of the head, killing him. “This was a tragic and senseless shooting," said Montgomery County Prosecutor, Mat Heck. "Ronnie Bowers, a completely innocent victim, was killed because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in someone else’s fight.”

Gregory is in custody at the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center on $1 million bond. He will be arraigned on Thursday, August 10 at 8:30 a.m.

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