Suspect fleeing troopers crashes in the woods


(VANDALIA) -- Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers make a traffic stop at Main and Mapleview in Harrison Township.

Troopers tell us when trooper got out of the cruiser the car sped off.

Speeding at more than 100 mph the trooper did not pursue.

About 15 minutes later, the same trooper saw the car again and tried to pull it over.

The driver again sped off , getting on I75 and going north to Northwoods Boulevard.

That's where he did a u-turn and raced south on I75 to Wagoner Ford Rd, where the driver turned around again and went North on I75.

Troopers tell us the driver got off at the Benchwood exit and went east on Webster Street,

They say the trooper backed off on the chase, because of the high speeds.

He later came up on the car, which had crashed in the woods off Webster and Stop Eight,

The driver had run off.

Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies found the driver walking.

He was taken into custody.

Troopers tell us the driver was intoxicated.

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