Springfield H.S. student arrested after "SHS" threat circulates on social media


UPDATE: Hundreds of students at Springfield High School stayed home Thursday.

"You can't be dismissive when it comes to these types of threats in a school, just because of the times we live in," Chief Deputy Travis Russell with the Clark Co. Sheriff's Office.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office heard about the threat Wednesday afternoon. The post was shared more than 11,000 times.

"It stated 'Yes, SHS is the school I want.' The second post said, 'I will not be telling people what my name is tomorrow so be prepared to hear shoots (sic).' And not shots," Chief Deputy Travis Russell with the Clark Co. Sheriff's Office said.

The sheriff's office and the Springfield Police began investigating.

Deputies reached out to Facebook's security team for help finding where the original post came from.

Investigators also reached out to the local FBI offices.

Russell says deputies got a call from Facebook around ten Wednesday night.

"Which led us into two different directions. One eastern Kentucky and then to an address here in Springfield, Ohio," Russell said.

The address was within a few blocks of another school in Springfield. Officers executed a search warrant and collected several electronic devices. They arrested a 17-year-old girl who attends Springfield High at the school. The did say no guns were found in the home.

The teen is charged with inducing panic.

Chief Deputy Russell has a simple message for parents.

"It's just to monitor [their childrens'] social media activity. That's the biggest thing. And to notify them of the implications of making such a post or a threat," Russell said.


SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A 17-year-old girl from Springfield High School has been arrested on a felony charge of inducing panic after authorities say she created a fake Facebook account and posted a threat that went viral.

In an update Thursday afternoon with authorities, police say the threat was noticed Wednesday afternoon and an investigation started immediately. The Facebook post threatened a shooting at "SHS," prompting local schools to send out alerts to parents and students.

Authorities say they contacted Facebook to find out where the post originated from, since it didn't name a specific school. The account from from a Ray Andres, authorities say, Facebook pinpointed two possible locations on where the threat may have come from. One was in eastern Kentucky, the other in Springfield on Tibets Avenue. Local police and deputies called on the FBI for help.

The post was widely shared on social media, according to authorities, it was shared across six states 11,000 times.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office said once the address in Springfield was pinpointed, they got a search warrant and searched the home. During the search, officers seized electronic devices. The teen was later arrested at Springfield High School. Authorities say the teen faces a felony charge of inducing panic and is being charged as a juvenile. They say it will be up to the county prosecutor to decide if she will be charged as an adult.

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