Springfield children found living in 'deplorable conditions'

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    SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF)- Police found two small children living in 'deplorable living conditions' at a Springfield residence Sunday.

    According to a police report, officers received a tip from an anonymous caller asking for police to do a welfare check on the children and the dogs living in a home that they used to live in.

    The caller said the children's "living conditions were deplorable" and they had on diapers that were turning black and the trash around the house was ankle deep.

    According to the police report, when officers arrived at the residence at the 1800 block of W. Washington Street, the children appeared to have on new diapers but they found clutter, trash and dog feces.

    The police reports states that when officers went into the kitchen they found more feces, trash all over the floor, fly’s everywhere and one of the refrigerators covered in mold.

    Upstairs officers found dirty used diapers, trash and more feces on the floor next to where the children slept.

    According to the police report, officers spoke to Michael Sanders and Trisha Gray, who live in the home, stated that the house became this way over the last month because they brought additional dogs into the home.

    Trista Gray and Michael Sanders

    Gray also stated that since Sanders does not work, it is hard for her to clean up the home, according to the report.

    The dogs that were living in the residence were locked up in kitchen, with another malnourished dog being locked up in the bedroom upstairs.

    According to the police report, Gray stated that the dog upstairs was being separated from the other dogs because of fleas.

    Police called the Clark County Dog Warden for the malnourished dog.

    The children were placed in the care of Sanders’ father. Sanders and Gray will be charged with child endangerment.

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