Springboro schools team up with Google for symposium about tech in classrooms


    SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Springboro schools teamed up with Google for a leadership symposium Thursday.

    Representatives from the tech company made a special visit to the high school to talk about technology in the classroom. They said Springboro was chosen for its continued usage of technology in the classroom, and was one of the early adopters of Chromebooks and the Google Suite tools.

    Teachers had the opportunity to show how they are using Google technology.

    "We put the curriculum before the technology," educational technologist Amy Romes said. "We always make sure we're using technology for the right reasons. We like to make sure we're not just buying shiny new things to have the shiny and new, we're actually using it in all of our grade levels, we're using it as Google classroom, we're using it as our professional development. Anywhere where there is a need, we're filling it with technology so we can collaborate a lot more."

    Leaders from other school districts in the state also made the trip to the event. They went on classroom tours and discussed how they're integrating technology into their classes.

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