Smartphone app 'Gixo' is changing the fitness world

Smartphone app 'Gixo' is changing the fitness world (WKEF/WRGT)

(WKEF/WRGT) - Across the country, people are trading in their gym memberships for smartphone apps. There are hundreds to choose from, but Gixo, which was created in 2016, promises something different.

“Having someone there in your ear push you through means a lot,” Gixo ambassador Adrienne Isenbarger said.

After trying the app out during a 30-day free trial, she was instantly hooked.

Gixo offers dozens of classes a day with live coaches pushing you through each push-up or crunch.

“There’s times I don’t want to be out or do another rep, but when I hear those coaches yelling my name and telling me to go one more and give it all you got, it just really helps keep you motivated,” Isenbarger said.

Each class targets a specific muscle group for a different amount of time. One day you might do an ab circuit for 25 minutes, and the next a glute builder for 15.

At $19.99 a month, the app is less expensive than most gym memberships, and it’s more convenient.

“As a stay at home mom of four children, I love that if my kids are taking a nap, I don’t have to go anywhere,” Isenbarger said. “Being able to just do it from my house while they’re napping or playing or watching TV is the best of both worlds.”

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