Caught on camera: Shoplifting suspect rams police chief's vehicle

Shoplifting suspect caught on camera ramming police chief's cruiser (Courtesy: Englewood PD)

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A shoplifting suspect is caught on camera ramming a police chief's vehicle.

It started in Englewood Tuesday afternoon and ended in Huber Heights after a high speed chase along I-70.

The suspect, 40-year-old Michael Paul Williams of Springfield, is being held in the Montgomery County Jail and could face felony assault charges.

Englewood Police credit their system of city-wide cameras, to be able to track the suspect without his knowledge.

"In Englewood we've got about 30 cameras around the city so immediately our dispatchers were able to pull up that truck and follow it's movement," said Englewood Police Sergeant Mike Lang.

Sgt. Lang said the incident started around 3:15 pm when Williams allegedly shoplifted a television from Walmart on Hoke Road, and drove away in what's believed to be a stolen truck with stolen plates.

Dispatchers watching on the cameras were able to track him to a Meijer gas station on S.R. 48.

"As crews were headed to Walmart the closest officer was actually chief of police," Lang said.

Chief Mark Brownfield responded to to the Meijer in his black unmarked SUV.

The video shows the suspect escape the parking lot in the white pickup truck, but when he stops at a light to exit the station, throws his truck into reverse and rams the chief's cruiser.

"He's obviously shaken up on it," Sgt. Lang said, "But his duty like all of ours, is to respond, it’s not every day we get rammed by somebody."

Police said Williams took off and led officers on a chase along I-70 up to speeds of 100 miles per hour.

Englewood police said they lost sight of Williams, but Huber Heights police confirmed he crashed into three cars at the intersection of Brandt Pike and Longford, another at Brandt and Chambersburg, before he was stopped and arrested at Brandt Pike and Fishburg Road.

"Unfortunately for reasons I can’t explain this year we have had a number of pursuits from either misdemeanors or low level felonies, that in the end you're gunna be caught," Sgt. Lang said, "It's easier to stop at that point but instead to risk the lives of other innocent motorists and people on the roadway is inexcusable."

Lang said thankfully no one was injured, and the chief's cruiser suffered minor damage.

"We're proud he was there to respond, not so proud this guy decided to ram his car and then put others in danger simply for stealing a television."

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