"She’s too young to go like that," Man in custody after teen shot and killed in Dayton

    Trendell Goodwin was taken into custody after Lashonda Childs was shot and killed Tuesday (Photo: Montgomery County Jail)

    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Police said one man is in custody in connection with the shooting of a teenage girl on Shoop Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

    Police have identified the victim as 17-year-old Lashonda Childs of Dayton.

    “It was shocking, it was real surprising” said Childs’ ex-boyfriend, Devon Harris. “I never expected it to happen.”

    He said he was in disbelief to hear his ex-girlfriend died after Tuesday's shooting on Shoop Avenue.

    “It’s hurts, she’s too young to go like that,” said Harris.

    Crews were called to Shoop Avenue to investigate a report of a temporary protective order violation. Shortly after, officials found out a woman injured at the scene was taken to Grandview Medical Center to be treated for injuries.

    “They closed the whole ally down the street,” said Dayton Resident, Amie Masten.

    Witnesses, including Masten, say they heard several gunshots shots around 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

    The suspect, 28-year-old Trendell Goodwin, was arrested and charged with felonious assault.

    Those charges are expected to be upgraded.

    Jane Keiffer, Executive Director of the Artemis Center, said victims can get a criminal protection order if there is a criminal case that's going through the court system.

    "But that only stays in place while the criminal case is in process," said Keiffer.

    As for civil protection orders, Keiffer said you can obtain those through domestic relations court, which could last up to five years.

    It is unclear what kind protection order was filed against the suspect.

    Keiffer said there are signs to look for that could lead to a protection order violation.

    “Sometimes they’re still blowing up our phone, they’re still coming by,” said Keiffer.

    In this case, it isn't clear why the two were together. However, Keiffer said if you do have to meet up with someone who's been violent in the past, make sure to do it in a public place.

    “Meet at some public place where other people are around where, so they can call the police if need be,” said Keiffer.

    Friends and loved ones are still trying to make sense of what went wrong on Shoop Avenue.

    “She was a great person, great personality, great smile,” Harris added.

    Dayton Police say they'll be meeting with prosecutors Thursday to discuss the charges against suspect Trendell Goodwin.

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