Runners from all over the world come to the Air Force Marathon

Runners from all over the world come to the Air Force Marathon (WRGT/WKEF)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF)- Runners were ready bright and early Saturday morning for the Wright Patterson Air Force Marathon. After a year of planning, the 2018 10K drew runners from all over the country to the Miami Valley to celebrate the Air Force anniversary and to pay their respects to those who serve our country.

Sid Bush from Charleston, South Carolina is fleeing from Hurricane Florence to participate in the run.

“This is one of the best marathon’s I’ve done,” said Bush, “I live in Charleston South Carolina so right now I’m worried about what’s going on with the storm.”

Although Bush has some concerns about what is going on back home, he said that he’s honored to run in the marathon to give thanks to the brave men and women in uniform.

“I have the greatest respect for those in the Air Force and because of them I get to run a free country.” said Bush.

The marathon was expecting almost 13,000 runners to participate in the run. Crowds gathered throughout the marathon in the greater Dayton area to cheer on the runners.

Air Wing Base Commander and Instillation Commander for WPAFB Col. Tom Sherman said it the marathon not only celebrates the Air Force but also the community that rallies around them.

“We get to exhibit sport and challenge and talent and camaraderie across our community and multi-service.” said Sherman.

Sherman said the marathon brings together athletes from all over the world.

“Not only to do we have all 50 states and a number of U.S territories are represented but have incredible number of international athletes that have shown up for this.” said Sherman.

For more information on the Air Force Marathon visit this website.

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