Recent crimes increasing awareness of self-defense for seniors


    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A 70-year old Dayton woman is recovering after being stabbed and robbed inside her garage, and it's not the only crime in recent days involving an elderly victim.

    The woman was pulling into her garage on Shelley drive when she was attacked by another woman wearing a mask and armed with a butcher knife. The attacker is described as a heavyset black woman dressed in all black, who has not been apprehended.

    The victim was stabbed in the chest and hands and discovered by her neighbor who called 911, and a dispatcher walked that neighbor through first aid while they waited for medics to get to the scene.

    Wednesday's stabbing took place less than a mile from where 84 year-old Patsy Ziskin was shoved down while her car and phone were stolen by two suspects on Sunday evening.

    “I had a wine bottle that I tried to smash at them, that didn’t work so well,” Ziskin said.

    Marital arts instructor Jeremy Roadruck teaches a self-defense course for senior citizens. He said that sometimes you don't even need to fight, you can just act tough.

    “The bad guy is expecting you to act a certain way and if you can interrupt that script, if you can stop being a victim and become an aggressor in some way, that will put them on edge," Roadruck said. “Even if it's just 'Hey what are you doing? I don't know you! Back up!' That energy is not behaving like prey.”

    If you need to physically defend yourself, Roadruck said a low blow is the way to go.

    “Kick people in the knees and kick people in the shins," he said. "It hurts really bad, but if you can damage somebody's knees, even if they're big and young and strong, if their knee pops out of place and dislocates, they're not running after you,”

    Of course, that self-defense advice doesn't apply in every situation. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just hand over your purse or phone, valuables that can be replaced.

    But if you do that, try to be aware of a nearby safe space you can flee to so you can take off while they take your stuff.

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