Reactions vary to news of Kasich dropping out of GOP race

Gov. John Kasich announced Wednesday, May 4, 2016, he is suspending his campaign for the GOP nomination for president.

COLUMBUS (WRGT) -- So why is Gov. John Kasich calling it quits now? We wanted to get more insight into his decision, so we headed to Cedarville University and talked to Assistant Professor Mark Caleb Smith. He's an expert on American politics and says he wasn't shocked to hear the news.

Smith says the Republican Party might have flexed some muscle to get Kasich to drop out, especially after Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz planned to not campaign against each other for the rest of the primaries.

"Based on last night's results he has no path forward," Smith said about Kasich. "I'd say that's been true for the last several weeks but he's tried to stick it out. The results in Indiana, the Cruz-Kasich combination was not enough to defeat Trump and at that point I think it was obvious for both of them to get out."

Could Kasich be Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate? Local Congressman Mike Turner says Kasich would be a great choice.

"When you look for a vice president you look for somebody who has national expertise," Turner said about Kasich. "He served on the Armed Services Committee, he was chairman of the Budget committee, he knows the ins and outs. But, also you look at someone who has a relationship with the people in the House and the Senate. He has all of those."

Turner also says Kasich has management experience and was a great voice at a time of much turmoil during the campaign.

But what did voters think about Kasich pulling the plug? Many of the people we talked with today said they didn't care. A few said Kasich should have dropped out months ago.

"I think our governor had a hard-fought race and at this point strategically and financially, it just makes sense to do the right thing and that's to drop out," said Rob Harris of Miamisburg.

Travis Morrical of Miamisburg said he wasn't surprised. "It's probably something he should've done a long time ago. I know he was looking for the contested convention and hoping for that but with Cruz out now he doesn't have any chance of really anything."

In the past few months, many people said Kasich was the most reasonable Republican candidate left in the race.

As you might expect, Trump is reacting tonight to Kasich's announcement and he's talking about the possibility of a Trump-Kasich ticket.

"I'd be interested in vetting John. I like John, I've had a good relationship with John. I've gotten along with him well, but whether he's vice president or not I think he'll be very, very helpful with Ohio," Trump told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Kasich has previously said he isn't interested in being a vice presidential nominee. Trump has said he wants a running mate who can handle dealing with Congress to get things done.

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