Preschool employee charged with raping a child

Derek Shaffer, a teacher and childcare worker was arrested on charges he raped a child (Courtesy: Zanesville Police)

Police are investigating after a family reported a sexual assault at the Careytown Child Care Center. Detectives said they arrested Derek Shaffer,32. and charged him with rape. Shaffer is being held at the Zanesville City Jail on $1 million bail.

“We are going to take this as far as we can. We are definitely going to dig into every avenue that we can to see if there are other victims and to help these victims out,” said Detective Chris Andrews.

Grandmother Elizabeth Scott lives near the school and is feeling protective of her children and grandkids.

“I hope they give him the max of what he deserves because that is just nasty and disgusting,” Scott said.

It’s been two months since the investigation was initiated. Andrews said families should talk to their children about the assault.

“Go over the importance of it. What is good touches. What is bad touches,” said Andrews. “If there are other victims, we want to get justice for these victims.”

Carolyn Starr said she was planning to enroll her two grandchildren in the school but has changed her mind. “I dropped my coffee, when I heard. Something like this is scary.”

Starr said she used to talk with Shaffer as he interacted with children.

“He was real nice. He was like a big brother to them. It really shocked us.”

Shaffer is scheduled to appear in court again Monday, Police would not confirm whether the child was a boy or girl, or the age of the child.they did say the sexual assault happened on the school property. The center cares for pre school age children as well as after school drop ins of older children.

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