Ohio State students participate in BuckeyeThon, raise $1.7M for pediatric cancer

    <p>This year, Ohio State students raised $1,704,184.19 at Buckeyethon! (Courtesy: Ohio State, BuckeyeThon) {/p}

    More than 5,000 Ohio State students put on their dancing shoes for the annual BuckeyeThon.

    BuckeyeThon is the largest student run philanthropy in the state of Ohio. Their biggest event of the year is a dance marathon that occurs every winter at The Ohio State University.

    To participate, students raise money for pediatric cancer patients at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

    The event raises not only awareness for pediatric cancer but also celebrates the kids battling cancer now, in remission or those who have passed away.

    "I do it for the kids down the street," said Tori Weiner, BuckeyeThon Executive Board member. "You come to college and it's a time to find yourself and in finding yourself you figure out that you want to help others."

    The opening ceremony started Friday night at the Ohio Union on Ohio State's Campus. The marathon goes on until Saturday at 10 pm when they have the annual closing ceremony and reveal how much they raised.

    "We have over 5,260 participants and that number makes us the largest dance marathon in the country," said Weiner.

    Last year, Buckeyethon raised more than $1.6 million dollars for Nationwide Children's Hospital. From 1999-2018, BuckeyeThon has raised more than $8 million.

    This year, students raised $1,704,184.19 For The Kids!

    "There's so much more work left to do because not everybody wins their battle," said BuckeyeThon President Imran Nuri. "And we're going to keep fighting for that cure until everybody can win their battle."


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