Miamisburg residents outraged over ongoing water issues

(Courtesy: Tom Ball)

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) -- People in Miamisburg are outraged after a broken valve in the water system forced some residents to boil water all weekend, but on Monday people say it's still not right. FOX 45 has been hearing this for months now, people saying they are tired of Miamisburg water. This past weekend may have been the tipping point with some residents, but there is good news as help appears to be on the way.

Tom Ball is a Miamisburg lifer who spends his days as a national truck driver. He said he would rather drink water from places he drives to, and has never been to, than to drink the water from his own home.

Even after the water advisory was lifted this weekend he said the water, “Just was never right after that. It was pretty awful.”

He's not alone. Another resident snapped a picture after running a tub full of yellow murky water. She told FOX45 that she filled it up just an hour after the city called her to say the water was safe.

“Smelled like chemicals, and it tasted horrible,” Ball said of his water.

“I don't know that there should be any kind of smell variation,” Miamisburg Public Works Director Valerie Griffin said, “Coming out of the plant it should be identical. The best way to clear that is just to run some cold water through a bath tub, and that should clear pretty quickly.”

Her office has been fielding calls well before this incident. People call to say they are sick of their water. Ball and other home owners tell us they resort to bottled water.

“Sometimes when the water gets reel bad, we use it to brush our teeth, wash our hands,” Ball said.

Tom said even ice cubes appear milky.

“It's just the minerals in the water. It's actually really healthy. It's just really bad for your appliances,” Griffin said.

“This dishwasher here,” Ball said pointing to the appliance, “The motor has been replaced three or four times already.

The city is in the middle of a $70 million water and sewer project, and parts of it are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“This fall the residents will notice much softer water as the new system comes online,” Griffin assured.

Miamisburg residents can expect higher water bills to pay for the changes. The city said water bills have been historically low compared to other parts of the region, but now they must update the system.

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