Major shakeup on its way to high school sports as 10 teams plan to leave GWOC

Major shakeup on its way to high school sports as 10 teams plan to leave GWOC (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A major shakeup in high school sports. Ten schools are planning to leave GWOC to start a league of their own, splitting the conference in half.

Now there are questions swirling around the reason why Trotwood was excluded and school leaders are demanding answers

It's mostly smaller schools leaving GWOC. But here's the issue, Trotwood is the second smallest in the conference next to Tipp City. So why are they being left out?

Athletic Director Guy Fogle says they weren't included in conversations about splitting the conference.

“I am a little upset because we are brothers, we're a conference brotherhood,” Fogle said.

The ten teams leaving GWOC are Vandalia-Butler, Sidney, Tipp City, Troy, Piqua, Greenville, Xenia, Fairborn, Stebbins and West Carrollton.

The teams staying in GWOC are Beavercreek, Centerville, Kettering, Fairborn, Lebanon, Miamisburg, Northmont, Trotwood, Wayne and Springfield.

The teams remaining are all much larger schools than Trotwood, but the district isn't shying away from tougher competition.

“It's a chance to show off even more what our kids can do and how capable we are,” Fogle said.

Parents speculate the smaller teams were tired of losing to Trotwood in football and some wonder if it's race related.

Fogle doesn't want to speculate, but he does want answers.

“Those guys in the north need to answer for why they left,” Fogle said.

Fox 45 called multiple districts leaving the GWOC. None wanted to talk.

We also contacted OHSAA, who says this matter is out of their jurisdiction.

“They've indicated they're moving on and we'll have to do that also,” Fogle said.

Former and Current GWOC athletes are sounding off on Twitter about the move.

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