Loved ones, teammates gather to remember 17 year old hit and killed

Loved ones, teammates gather at candlelight vigil to remember 17 year old hit and killed (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - As loved ones and teammates gathered in Dayton Thursday night, they reminded each other to tell people you love them, and not to take life for granted.

Hunter White, 17, was hit and killed while crossing Harshman Road Monday morning. He would have been a senior at Wayne High School this year, but now the community is looking to honor his member.

FOX 45's Shavon Anderson was told that there's an effort to get a memorial inside of Wayne, and for the school to recognize him at graduation. Two students are spearheading that effort, and also put the vigil together.

"I wasn't expecting this much at all," senior Eric Burton said. "I thought it would be a couple friends. As soon as I posted it, it just kept going through and kept getting passed around. We're probably going to have a couple hundred here tonight."

Hunter's best long-time friend Matteo Rivas helped with the efforts, and plans to wear Hunter's football jersey #43 this season. He said Hunter was his partner in crime, and getting through senior year without him is something he can't imagine.

"The hard part's over now," he said. "The memories will last forever. Everyday, it's something different that reminds you of him. It's something different that will come to mind. It'll just trigger a breakdown. Like I said, that was just my brother. It's too much to think about when you lose someone like that."

Hunter's family has said they are in no way angry or blaming the driver who took Hunter's life. They said that man was the one who called 911, and stayed with the teen until help arrived. Hunter's father added that that actually feel sorry for the driver, since he'll have to carry this burden for the rest of his life.

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