Last Montgomery County Fair held in downtown Dayton


DAYTON (WKEF/WRGT) -- The 165th Montgomery County Fair wrapped up Saturday July 15. This is the final year it will be held on Main Street in downtown Dayton.

Next year, it will move to Arthur O. Fisher Park in Jefferson Township.

There's nothing like the fair

"I like the Ferris wheel," said 5 year old Shyaira Thomas.

"Do you like the. Demolition Derby?" 4 year old Carson Gallagher was asked. "Yeah," said Gallagher.

"What do you like?" h e was asked. "When the cars go smack like that," said Gallagher.

"I like it , it's cool, it's like peaceful , you know ease your mind," said Monte Thomas.

But this is it, the last time rides, games,, food., and fun will be here at the fairgrounds on South Main.

"it's sad very sad, it's been here for ever and I really will miss it," Cynthia Horsley.

Next year the fair will be at Arthur Fisher Park in Jefferson Township.

"I think it belongs at Montgomery t fairgrounds, there's where it's always been , it's home that's where it should be," Preston Arnett.

"It's going to Jefferson Township. Where I live is not far from it so I think I'll be alright with it, yeah," said Marvenia Stevenson.

Bittersweet is one word. We've had a lot of people who don't feel too good about it but then we've got a lot of people that are very happy that finally after generation and generation of talking about it , we're doing it," said Montgomery County Agriculture Society President John Yancik.

"I was actually shocked, I did not know that this was the last year so I'm kind of said about it," said Madison Langois

"I'm definitely going to miss Iit around here because it 's really a lot if fun, I'm going to miss it," said Rylie Townson.

Fair organizers said it will still be a fun place for the whole family.

"Family fun at the fair this year, family fun at the fair next year," said Yancik.

Organizers said they've had above average attendance every day.

The fair will be at its new home the second week of July next year.

Organizers hope to start it on Sunday .instead of Monday like they did this year.

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