Judge sentences Ohio teen to mowing instead of jail time

    (Photo: MGN)

    PAINESVILLE, Ohio - An Ohio teen will be busy mowing instead of doing time in jail. Cody Scott, 19, was charged with a crime after he was accused of mowing a swear word into the grass at a local high school.

    Scott later admitted to cutting the swear word into the school's grass, "I was childish, and now I gotta face the consequences," he told WOIO.

    So instead of sending him to jail for 10 days, a judge decided to sentence him to mowing. Over the years, Judge Michael Cicconetti has become famous for his unusual sentences, and Scott said he's grateful for it. "I just want to thank him for not sending me to jail. This was a lot better than going to jail -- a lot easier," Scott said.

    Court documents also state, according to WOIO that Scott is no longer allowed on the school's property. He also must get a GED, maintain a job and follow rules of a community control program.

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