How to protect your packages after alleged porch pirates caught on camera

How to protect your packages after alleged porch pirates caught on camera (Shared with FOX 45 News)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Two alleged porch pirates were behind bars Friday night after being caught on camera at two different houses in east Dayton.

Just a week before Christmas, the stockings are hung, tree glistening and gifts stolen.

“When I checked the mail box, I wondered where is it?” Leanna Pitt said.

Pitt and her roommate Tessa Yost got a visit from the Grinch. Around dinner time Thursday night, a man snagged three packages from their home on Rosemont Boulevard, including a gift for Tessa's boyfriend.

“How can someone just walk up onto your porch and take what's not theirs,” Yost said.

Two blocks away, another home on Cleveland Avenue was hit. It too was caught on camera.

“I think that helped the person get caught, brought to justice,” Yost said.

Our cameras were rolling, as Dayton Police stopped and arrested two men they say are responsible for the thefts.

In that east Dayton neighborhood, more and more homeowners are turning to doorbell security cameras to catch porch pirates. The cameras cost anywhere between $100-200.

“Luckily we had the doorbell with the video so we could see what actually happened, instead of sitting here wondering,” Pitt said.

If you can't afford one, Dayton Police say have packages delivered to work. You can also ask a neighbor to pick them up.

These roommates are comforted by the arrests, but they're still without some packages. Fortunately, Tessa still has a week to get a new gift for her boyfriend.

“He'll be happy I reordered it,” Yost said.

Police are working to see if any other packages were stolen in the area. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.

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