Group hopes to redevelop Good Sam area after hospital closes for good

Group hopes to redevelop Good Sam area after hospital closes for good (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Good Samaritan Hospital is closing earlier than first announced, with the emergency room ceasing operation July 19 and the hospital itself shutting down July 23.

A group is working to give new life to that area around Philadelphia Drive, Salem Avenue and Siebenthaler Avenue

"This is the valley of opportunity," Anissa Lumpkin said.

Lumpkin is part of the group Uptown Triangle, which is looking to redevelop the area around Good Sam.

"We're looking at taking something that could be a negative and turning it into a positive situation," she said.

"We're really looking at having the hospital, whatever the land use that's available is to turn it into a youth sports center complex," Lumpkin continued. "In the vicinity of that, hotels, boutique hotels for people to stay while they're enjoying the youth sports complex."

There's several phases to the plan.

"There's three phases so it's not going to happen immediately but the first phase we can get that started within a year," Lumpkin said.

The first phase is housing near the new library, and then the sports complex and the third phase is to redevelope the old Elder-Beerman complex.

"So when you drive down Philadelphia and Salem Ave and all of these different corridors, you're proud of what you see," she said.

The group started talking about redeveloping this whole area around the hospital even before learning Good Sam is closing.

"It's definitely realistic. This is going to happen," Lumpkin said.

"Since it's so huge, I'd like to see it be at least some apartments," Esselanda Seals-Crews, who lives across the street from the hospital, said. "At least be an urgent care or fast track something for the people in the community."

Danielle Kindred works at the hospital, and said management has talked to workers about the closing.

"They definitely let us know they're committed to helping to redevelop the property," she said. "I really truly hope they do help develop the property. We just don't want it to be an empty lot, that's all; an eyesore in the community."

Premier Health issued a statement and said it's tearing down everything at Good Sam except the parking garage.

It's in the early stages of developing a vision for the 13-acre hospital campus and is working with the city of Dayton to identify investment opportunities.

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