Germantown using radar to put the brakes on speeders

Germantown using radar to put the brakes on speeders (WKEF/WRGT)

GERMANTOWN, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A small town in the Miami Valley cracking down on speeders.

Germantown police said they're getting lots of complaints, especially on two streets. They said in order to put the brakes on speeders, they'll be out in those specific areas with radars.

Officers said the specific areas they're patrolling see a lot of pedestrian traffic, especially when it comes to kids, and they want to keep everyone safe.

"Cherry Street is known as a race track," said Germantown resident Kate Stone.

North Cherry is one of the streets the police department has been getting complaints about.

The speed limit is 35, and police said they've gotten a number of complaints from people complaining about speeders, so they said anyone they see going above the speed limit will be stopped.

"That would be great," said Stone.

Gibraltar is another street the Germantown Polie Department plans to keep an eye on.

Some neighbors on the street say when school lets out, they see a lot of drivers, especially younger ones, going over the speed limit.

"I wait up on the corner in the car for the kids to get off the bus," Germantown resident Ed Fernandes said, "and they come a little ahead of the bus and they just fly around that corner. So I think if people are complaining, it's justified."

"They're usually just flying down this street," said Germantown resident Jennifer Curtis.

Jennifer Curtis said there are a lot of young children on the street including her grandson.

"If he were to step out in the road, they wouldn't be able to stop," Curtis said. "No way, not flying down the road like they do. My husband, he gets really aggravated, he'll yell at them 'Slow down'."

The neighbors haven't noticed police running radar on their street yet, but said it will be a welcome sight.

"At least being out here a couple of times might get them to not do anything and think about it twice before going too fast," said Fernandes.

Police got a lot of feedback on their Facebook page, with some saying it was about time there was a crack down on speeders.

They worry about innocent people getting hurt, and many say they appreciate the officers' efforts.

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