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Fraternal Order of Police upset over negative campaign ad involving Brookville Police


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio(WKEF-WRGT)- A local police department says a negative campaign ad is affecting their credibility. The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #117 sent a release out voicing their frustration with the ad defending Brookeville Police Department.

With only two days until the midterm elections, things are getting heated between Representative Todd Smith and County Commissioner Dan Foley, both who are running for State Representative in the 43rd District. This PAC ad smearing Foley has the FOP upset, telling us that’s its now getting people involved who shouldn’t be.

The FOP release said the ad quote "appears to be part of a scheme to get Smith elected.”

The ad is paid for by the PAC Hardworking Ohioans Inc. It claims Commissioner Dan Foley was driving drunk in June, when he was pulled over by a Brookville police officer for speeding. Foley said that isn’t the truth.

"The add is really misleading and it's wrong,” Foley said. “This is what happens in the last week of the campaign.”

The Brookville Police Chief said he can't comment on the ad, but former FOP president, John DiPietro, is speaking out because he believes the ad to be completely wrong.

“This ad it really pains to Brookville Police Department in a negative light,” said DiPietro. “When I looked at it I couldn’t believe it. It really does leave the impression that this is a corrupt law-enforcement agency.”

DiPietro said the Brookville officer did everything correctly during the incident.

“He was cited for what he was pulled over for. There is some indication that he was drinking and the officer checked out with the roadside sobriety test,” added DiPietro.

Foley agreed and said, “The officer asked me if I had anything to drink and I said yeah. I just had a beer and he did his job and he gave me a test and I passed the test.”

Smith sent us a statement regarding the ad saying quote, “he will make no further comments on this issue." He neither conformed or denied any involvement with the Pac who paid for the ad.

Foley also sent a statement asking Smith to apologize for attacking Brookville PD to score political points.

“I’m telling you this right now this guy this Representative Smith needs to be over at the Brookville police department at the council meeting making his apologies will be waiting there for him,” said DiPietro.

We have reached out to Hardworking Ohioans PAC for a comment and we have not heard a response back.

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